Q: Are your bottles and packaging recyclable and environment friendly?

A: As we are a eco-conscious company, all our glass bottles are consignable and recyclable. Our disposable packaging is mostly si made from corn startch and is compostable

Q: Where does come from your products?

A: Our products come mostly from local farms, our juices are made from organic and no- gmo fruits and vegetables

Q: Can kids consume your products?

A: Yes our juices are kids friendly and is a good way to get kids used to a healthy nutrition

Q:Why should I drink juice instead of eating the whole fruit and vegetable?

A: Because having a bottle of 500ml of juice that contains more than 7 to 10 portions of fruits and vegetables is easier to drink and to digest

Q:What’s the difference between your juices and the one I could make at home?

A:The difference is that our cold press hydraulic machines extract all the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables by pressing with a few tons of pressure without heating and damaging them.

Q: Why the shelf live of your products is maximum 5 days from the production date?

A: Because our juices are fresh and unpasteurized which means the have never been exposed to any heat so all the enzymes are still alive, that’s what make the difference between a fresh juice and a pasteurized one.